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Granite surfaces

Products & Suppliers

Choosing the right stone is part of the fun in a counter top project. The stone can vary from each slab especially the natural materials. You will find a variety of stone choices below as well as the top notch suppliers we work with you provide you the best results in a finished project.

Stone Options:

Natural Stone:  

Granite - Marble - Soapstone - Limestone - Quartzite 

A benefit of natural stone is that there can be natural variation so each piece is uniquely yours. A drawback is that colors can vary even with stone that has the same name. It is recommended that slabs be picked out individually.  Most natural stone comes in 3 cm thickness, some of it comes in 2 cm as well.

Granite:  There are many kinds of granite available. Granite is a hard and primarily a nonporous stone that is stain and scratch resistant as well as heat tolerant.  Granite can range in price but there is a product that fits every budget.  It is versatile and a great choice in all areas of the house.  

Marble:  Marble is a classic look that is currently really popular.  Marble is a softer stone that can be stained and scratched with normal household products (wine, lemon juice).  It can require future care to resurface in order to get a fresh look.  Marble does get installed throughout the house but is recommended more for vanities, hearths and shower walls, places that would be less likely to get stained.

Soapstone and Limestone:  These are also softer stones and can scratch, with soapstone scratches can often be buffed out by hand.  Soapstone and limestone are used throughout the house.

Quartzite:  Quartzite is stunning but often a more expensive option.  It is a hard stone that requires a skilled hand in manufacturing and jobs using quartzite can require a little more fabrication time.  Quartzite is a great option for one of a kind kitchens and vanities.

Fabricated stone:

Quartz:  There is a huge variety of quartz products available.  Like granite, quartz is scratch and stain resistant.  There are quartz options that look like marble for folks who want the marble esthetic without the concern of staining or future maintenance. Quartz generally comes in the 2 cm and the 3 cm thickness.  A benefit of quartz is that samples are a reliable representation of the product and slabs can be safely purchased from samples without concern of a shade variation.  Quartz can be recommended in all areas of the house.

Engineered Marble:  Engineered marble is manufactured using actual marble and is very attractive.  It is easily purchased from viewing samples but is recommended primarily for hearths and showers as it will stain and scratch.  Comes in at 1.6 cm thick.

Paperstone:  A surface fabricated from paper and resin, behaves like soapstone, it will scratch but scratches can generally be buffed out by hand.  Comes in a variety of thicknesses.  Paperstone is used throughout the house, most commonly in kitchens.

At AMM Granite & Marble, we are confident you will be satisfied with our product suppliers. That’s because we only partner with companies that only provide the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line technologies. Take a look at a few of the samples below. there are many more options than displayed.  Feel free to contact us if you’re ready to discuss your stone needs.  A member of our team will be happy to help.



Timely service and exceptional labor can not be executed without proven product. We pride ourselves on the partnerships we have created to ensure the results you desire.

Pental Surfaces

Pental Surfaces began in 1999 and has grown into one of the largest wholesale tile and stone distributors in the Western US.  They carry a wide variety of slabs in granite, marble and quartz and also include many exotic stones.  The Seattle showroom is open to the public six days a week.  Pental has stone for every design and every budget.


Cosmos Surfaces established as Cosmos Granite & Marble is a 2nd generation family owned company established in the United States in 2005. Cosmos began as a small local distributor of natural stone with a 15,000sft showroom and quickly grew into a national distributor with over 15 showrooms nationwide.

Meta Marble & Granite

Meta is a fantastic local supplier of natural stone and quart. they have a impressive showroom in Seattle, WA and pride themselves on their knowledgeable and helpful staff. Even if you are just in the dreaming state, you will find inspiration at their website and in their showroom.


Daltile is a go to source for flooring and time experts. Did you know they carry a wide variety of natural stones and quarts products? Explore what Daltile has to offer when you are considering your next project.

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